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Rely on Patchwork for…

Better Decisions

See actionable insights

Patchwork captures a complete picture of your data so you can answer questions like:

  • What areas am I overspending?
  • How can I help departments that are underperforming?
  • Where am I over reliant on Locum Agencies?
  • When is the best time to escalate?
  • Are my standard operating procedures (SOPs) being followed?
  • Where, when and who is cancelling shifts?
How Patchwork Improves your decisions
Making the most out of Patchwork starts with making the most out of your people.
Use Patchwork and contribute to aHappier Workforce

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Connect to a growing marketplace of healthcare workers in ways that

  • Saves your organisation money
  • Enables better decisions
  • Contributes to a happier workforce
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Book Shifts Instantly

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