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Financial Control

Standardise Your Pay Rates

Instead of locally negotiated rates with no visibility, Patchwork enables you to standardise your pay rates. This is important for:

  • Ensuring standardised rates are used
  • Eliminates the need to agree upon a local rate
  • Save time—simply request shifts
Standardise Your Pay Rates
Make Timesheet Approvals Work for Everyone

Make Timesheet Approvals Work for Everyone

Give workers a complete picture what they’ve worked vs. what they’ve been paid while you benefit from:

  • Robust 2-Step Approval Process to ensure the right shifts are signed-off
  • Remote sign off for when Timesheet authorisers are not present
  • Ways to review shifts right the way through the payroll process

Control Rate Escalations

Enable frontline managers to request rate escalations directly to their authorisers using our simple and NHSi compliant approval process.

  • Automatically follow NHSi guidance
  • Frontline managers communicate the need and receive decisions faster
  • See a complete picture of who, when, why for all escalations
  • Massively reduce the admin load for Staff Bank
Control Rate Escalations
Without lifting a finger, Patchwork shows you actionable insights on how to improve based on your data.
See how Patchwork enablesBetter Decisions

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Connect to a growing marketplace of healthcare workers in ways that

  • Saves your organisation money
  • Enables better decisions
  • Contributes to a happier workforce
Book Shifts Instantly


Book Shifts Instantly

Wave goodbye to drowning in emails, stressing over how much you should’ve been paid and spend more time singing in the shower.

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