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Ramp-up your Staff Bank fill rates, increase patient safety and save the NHS huge amounts of money.

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Wave goodbye to drowning in emails, stressing over how much you should’ve been paid and spend more time singing in the shower.

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Meet Patchwork Hub

Recruitment Software for the NHS

Enable your Staff Bank to recruit faster, save your NHS trust millions by reducing agency spend and improve patient safety.

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Cut your agency spending

Reduce your need for agencies by engaging your existing workforce and recruiting more doctors to your Staff Bank.

Put Safety & Reliability First

Pick up slack in your staffing processes and work with clinicians that you trust. Recruit clinicians that work for you, not for the agencies.

Put your data to work

Unlike agencies, Patchwork allows you to see powerful insights on areas of overspending and underperformance.

Happier clinicians do more

Improve your temporary staffing experience by keeping your NHS doctors happy. When doctors book more shifts, they become more confident in the Staff Bank.

Ramp up Your Recruitment

Extend your reach and increase the speed for recruiting new clinicians.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Our temporary staffing software solution is highly customisable. Our tools address the unique challenges for each of your departments.

Revolutionising temporary staffingfrom within the NHS

At Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust we implemented Patchwork across both hospital sites. Since implementation they have maintained an average bank vs agency fill rate of over 90% across all departments and medical specialities.

Get in touch to see how Patchwork helped our partners recruit over 1000 new clinicians to the Staff Bank.

A graph showing Patchwork improving bank fill rates by 60%.

Patchwork has transformed our Staff Bank! The trust has reduced its agency spend by significantly improving our bank fill rates. Our service managers have better control over their locum activity, and the clinicians love the app too.

- Rob Hodgkiss, Chief Operating Officer of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

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We’re Your Personal Temporary Staffing Consultant

Our experienced implementation team work closely to listen, understand and set up Patchwork so that your department can get the most from it.


Map Out Requirements

We look carefully at your current setup and map out your staffing processes. We then build an overview of your present temporary staffing situation by engaging with your executives, managers and clinicians.


Set The Plan

With a clear understanding of your requirements, we create a mature implementation plan that minimises interruptions and maximises your performance.



We onboard each of your departments individually to outline any unique requirements that ensures a smooth transition onto the Patchwork's temporary staffing platform.


Your Success

Once implementation is complete, we continue to enable your HR team and provide on going training and support so that you reach your goals and make the most of out Patchwork's software solution.

If you’re ready for change, we’re ready to help.

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Featured as a case study on NHS Employers for reducing agency spending:

"Improved engagement and communication with locum doctors across all grades and specialties resulted in [...] cost benefits of around £40,000 per month (around £500,000 per annum) in junior doctor shifts alone"

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Featured in Deloitte’s report on Securing a future for the hospital workforce in Europe - page 40

"Replacing the traditional bank management with Patchwork resulted in an increased utilisation rate of bank staff from 35 to 90% and the recruitment of more than 300 doctors to the Staff Bank"

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