Award-winning collaborative bank technology for truly borderless staffing

Achieve ICS-wide workforce planning and enable clinicians to work flexibly across organisational borders.

Patchwork’s collaborative NHS staff bank app, next to a map of London showing different hospital sites

North West Collaborative Bank:

A Patchwork shift card in the middle of a circle of hospitals, showing how multiple NHS sites are connected through the collaborative bank

Join the 39 trusts who are already:

User-friendly tech meets continuous support

Choose what works for you

You know what’s best for your organisation. Use Patchwork’s Collaborative Bank on its own or with all our workforce solutions as part of Patchwork 360.

Patchwork’s complete workforce solution, illustrated here with 6 iPhone screens in a row showing different functionalities

I am confident that North West London’s hospitals are now stronger, more collaborative, and better prepared than ever before

Claire Gore Director of HR and OD (former), London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Meet demand affordably with borderless and more resilient staffing

Widen your pool of available bank clinicians

Unlock untapped clinical resource with technology that allows approved workers to safely book shifts across participating organisations – ensuring you have the right staff where you need them most.

App view shows how clinicians can browse available shifts from their phone

Maintain control over total ICS workforce spend

Get visibility over workforce spending across the region, helping you to identify and reduce areas of high spend – from agency fees to rate escalations.

A shift is sent from an internal NHS bank to the collaborative bank

Only ever onboard a worker once

Once a clinician has been approved to join a collaborative staff bank, there’s no need to repeat the process or re-upload documents. Approved clinicians can seamlessly book shifts on demand at any site across the region using our digital passporting technology.

A worker’s paperwork is accepted by the Lead Employer, which then allows them to work at the 3 sites which make up the collaborative bank

Banish time-consuming admin tasks for good, and get back to what actually matters

Meet financial targets with greater efficiency

Intuitive yet powerful technology means you can easily spot and fill the gaps in your service, so you can ensure safe staffing levels, support high quality patient care, and meet your targets.

Visualisation of reduced agency spend, reduced total spend, a typical shift card on the Patchwork app, and a bar graph showing shift fill sources

Access expert support from day one

Comprehensive implementation, training and ongoing specialist customer support ensures your collaborative bank solution actually works for you, all of the time.

2 images of 2 NHS bank workers arranged on a diagonal

Reduce manual workload with one easy-to-use system

Using digital passporting technology, organisations only need to onboard a worker once and can manage all temporary staffing operations in one place.

A user publishes a block of bank shifts in one go, saving time

The North West London Collaborative Staff Bank serves to unleash the full capacity of our workforce, helping to reduce the pressure on exhausted staff whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety and patient care.

Lindsey Waddell Associate Director of Workforce, The North West London Collaborative Staff Bank

Improve wellbeing and retention by giving clinicians the freedom to work how they want – safely

Empower clinicians to pick up shifts flexibly across locations that suit them

Now, your clinicians can be empowered in their roles by working across locations that suit them. With the latest in digital passporting technology, clinicians can turn their documentation into a pass to safely and easily book shifts across organisations, sites and departments.

Patchwork bank app shows shifts that have been booked, and in another tab, shifts that have been applied to

Make shift booking painless

With just one onboarding process, clinicians can instantly and safely book onto shifts across their region and track their payments – all in one easy-to-use app.

Users can see information about the shift they’re booking, including the time, date, grade, department, site, pay, and other notes

“The collaborative bank makes booking shifts easier and much more efficient.”

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