Break down organisational boundaries with seamless digital passporting technology

Healthcare staff are always on the move - with a digital passport, they can do so easily, safely, and in the locations that suit them.

Patchwork’s collaborative NHS staff bank app, next to a map of London showing different hospital sites

In the era of the ICS, digital passporting is essential for any NHS organisation looking to champion flexible working for clinicians, reduce admin for managers, and allow clinicians to move across organisational borders safely and seamlessly.

Omar Bhakri Chief of Staff

Safe staff movement, without the stress:

Get more out of your collaborative bank solution

Passporting is the essential foundation of your Patchwork Collaborative Bank solution, making truly borderless staffing not just possible, but simple – for everyone.

Patchwork’s complete workforce solution, illustrated here with 6 iPhone screens in a row showing different functionalities

Ensure workers are exactly where they need to be, effortlessly

Save time and money

Duplicated checks stop here.
Our passporting technology supports the safe and fluid movement of staff across borders within your region and ICS, so managers don’t have to complete the same checks for an approved worker at each new site, saving money and time.

Visualisation of selecting passporting from the menu in Patchwork Hub, showing how it forms a part of a complete workforce solution

Empower your staff with simple, flexible, region-wide working

Unlock the true value of flexible working

An effective digital passport means your staff can work flexibly at the locations that suit them. The result? Teams that are supported to work in line with their personal commitments, so they can stay in the careers they’ve trained so hard for.

A user can browse available shifts from across multiple organisations using the Patchwork app

Support your team’s development

Working across a range of hospitals and sites allows staff to learn new skills, apply their existing ones, and meet regulatory requirements. With greater opportunities for professional development, you not only boost workforce resilience, but support staff retention.

Visualisation of an available labour ward shift, which can be filled by either a doctor or midwife with the required skills, illustrating skills-based smart rostering

Cut back on admin; get back to what matters

Stop performing the same checks over and over again

Our passporting technology is the safest, most efficient way for staff to move across organisational boundaries. We take away the burden of performing the same checks on the same worker repeatedly, saving you valuable time.

A worker’s paperwork is accepted by the Lead Employer, which then allows them to work at the 3 sites which make up the collaborative bank

We migrate your current systems and processes to ensure your passporting capabilites are optimised.

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