The rota management platform purpose-built to empower your entire workforce

Safe, efficient and flexible rostering - all in one place.

We co-designed something from the ground up that actually took the needs of clinicians into account, as well as being flexible for managers.

Dr Rupert Bright Chief Medical Information Officer

Engineered for efficiency

Current scheduling systems are too clunky. That’s why we’ve built a simple, user-friendly Rota management solution that works for all staff groups and specialties.

Easily roster everyone - all in one place

We know that every staff group comes with its own unique requirements. We built our solution from the ground up to work for all of them, allowing you to finally roster your entire workforce in one place.

Support safe, flexible working

You deserve intuitive, empathetic rostering technology that doesn’t slow you down the way current systems and spreadsheets do. Patchwork Rota makes rostering flexible and manageable, allowing you to schedule for multiple organisations easily, roster staff seamlessly and safely, and support clinician wellbeing.

Drag and drop shifts to build rosters for all staff groups efficiently

Create compliant rotas seamlessly with:

Choose what works for you

You know what’s best for your organisation. Use Patchwork Rota on its own or with all our workforce solutions as part of Patchwork 360.

Patchwork’s complete workforce solution, illustrated here with 6 iPhone screens in a row showing different functionalities

Rotas that practically manage themselves

Making it easy for you to roster everyone

Streamline your essential day-to-day tasks with one rostering system for all staff groups. With smart rostering, you can switch between different rota views for all workers with ease.

Profile view visualisation on Patchwork’s smart rostering solution shows FY1 clinician in breach of compliant working practices

Roster staff more efficiently than ever before

Maximise the output of your workforce safely with our unique approach to smart rostering. Improve efficiency with in-built annual leave and seamless connection with Bank and Agency Manager.

Worker view on Patchwork Rota is selected, showing which clinical grade is working each shift, as well as where annual leave is being taken

Unrivalled support to meet your rostering objectives

With support from our team of healthcare workforce experts, you can more easily achieve your workforce goals. We provide team training, bespoke consultancy, recruitment support and transformation services. This way, we help you to reach your targets by optimising the way your rotas are built and managed.

Visualisation of reduced agency spend, reduced total spend, a typical shift card on the Patchwork app, and a bar graph showing shift fill sources

A system that is fit for the 2020s rather than systems that were administratively friendly in the 1980s and 90s.

Dr Rupert Bright Chief Medical Information Officer

Maintain safe levels of staffing

Improved workforce visibility for safer rostering

Understand your minimum staffing requirements and gain organisation-wide visibility with live compliance validation and breach approval. Get insights that are impossible on spreadsheets and holistically visualise your workforce in one place.

Visualisation of minimum staffing numbers not being met in the Patchwork Rota hub. A clinician’s profile that would breach compliance checks if put forward for a particular shift is also visible

Create rosters based on what you need, not what you have

Our rota management platform removes the restrictions of role-based rostering, allowing you to create a more resilient workforce based on skills, not job titles. Built with multi-organisations in mind from the very beginning, you can access information across organisations easily and safely – either now or in the future.

Visualisation of an available labour ward shift, which can be filled by either a doctor or midwife with the required skills, illustrating skills-based smart rostering

Patchwork Rota enables us to look at potential problem areas, helping us plan well in advance so we know that staffing is going to be safe.

Dr Daniel Johnson Consultant in Elderly Care Medicine + Rota Coordinator for Medicine

Empower your clinicians

Support happy and healthy clinicians through safe flexible working

Reduce burnout and prioritise wellbeing with flexible working opportunities. Patchwork Rota allows workers to request shift swaps, manage rotas and organise annual leave in line with personal commitments and preferences.

Booking annual leave in the Patchwork Rota app

Easy-to-use tech to make clinicians’ lives easier

Ensure your rostering solution benefits the clinician, not just the employer. Patchwork allows workers to simply link their rota to their personal iCal or Google Calendar and easily upload workforce documents in one place. Clinicians can quickly view their personal and team rotas with user-friendly mobile and desktop apps.

Viewing your schedule in Patchwork Rota’s in-app calendar

Support your clinicians’ development based on skill set - not just by title

Stop having to work within the constraints of role-based rostering. Build a more sustainable workforce with skills-based rostering functionality that fosters professional development.

Patchwork’s Rota app shows a clinician’s particular skills, and when they last used them

A solution that actually fits with clinicians’ requirements and the flexible working period that we’re moving into now.

Dr Rupert Bright Chief Medical Information Officer

We migrate your current rostering information and processes over to Patchwork Rota.

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