The complete health rota building and rostering platform built for your entire workforce

Build rotas, schedule workers, organise leave and monitor exception reporting - all in one powerful solution.

I can’t believe how much time was wasted by not using this system.

Assistant General Manager for Emergency Care, and Junior Doctor Rota Manager for Rota and Emergency Care

A health rota system that everyone actually uses

We know that spreadsheets can be popular for a reason. Unlike other providers, we understand that there’s no point in forcing a shoe that won’t fit. That’s why we built our system to be as easy as Excel, with all the additional features needed to run a safe and cost-effective service. With all staff engaging with your health rota system, you get better visibility, better data, and better outcomes.

Efficiently roster everyone - all in one place

We’re leaving clunky tech and awkward workflows in the past, so you can do your most efficient work yet. Built with all staff groups in mind, Patchwork Rota’s complete functionality means you can finally capture the full staffing story and manage all rota-building, rostering, leave and overtime activity in one place.

Drag and drop shifts to build rosters for all staff groups efficiently

Manage the entire rostering process seamlessly with:

Choose what works for you

You know what’s best for your organisation. Use Patchwork Rota on its own or with all our workforce solutions as part of Patchwork 360.

Patchwork’s complete workforce solution, illustrated here with 6 iPhone screens in a row showing different functionalities

Champion safe staffing for everyone

Better adoption, better visibility

Benefit from complete visibility of who’s working and when with a health rota system everyone actually uses, complete with a range of features designed to give you clarity. Stay on top of leave, see substantive, and bank staff all on one roster, and switch between different roster views to get a 360 view of your service.

Profile view visualisation on Patchwork’s smart rostering solution shows FY1 clinician in breach of compliant working practices

Stay compliant - consistently

Uphold health and safety standards for your staff with tech built to keep you compliant. Patchwork Rota includes features that make adhering to minimum requirements for working hours, rest periods, and annual leave clear and simple.

Worker view on Patchwork Rota is selected, showing which clinical grade is working each shift, as well as where annual leave is being taken

Make exception reporting and managing overtime easier for everyone

Our feature-rich exception reporting functionality removes all the barriers to raising reports, empowering your doctors to speak up and be compensated for the work they do. Make use of the same seamless workflow to manage overtime for other staff groups. Fully integrated into Patchwork Rota (no add-on modules here), we keep everything in system, so you never miss a report or lose sight of the data you need to drive improvements.

Visualisation of reduced agency spend, reduced total spend, a typical shift card on the Patchwork app, and a bar graph showing shift fill sources

A system that is fit for the 2020s rather than systems that were administratively friendly in the 1980s and 90s.

Dr Rupert Bright Chief Medical Information Officer

Take the stress and surprise out of rostering

Roster with ease and speed

With built-in annual leave management and exception reporting, as well as integration with temporary staffing, you can work faster and more effectively to meet patient demand.

Visualisation of minimum staffing numbers not being met in the Patchwork Rota hub. A clinician’s profile that would breach compliance checks if put forward for a particular shift is also visible

Stay informed and in control of spend

Give everyone access to the full staffing picture with features that prevent unforeseen spending. This includes integrated leave management (so everyone knows immediately when a clinician is on leave, not when they send you a postcard!), the ability to capture both full-time and less-than-full-time workers in one system, pattern breakdowns and costings when building a rota.

Visualisation of an available labour ward shift, which can be filled by either a doctor or midwife with the required skills, illustrating skills-based smart rostering

We are already witnessing a substantial reduction in agency spend and improved coverage in clinical areas. The Patchwork team has consistently engaged with our staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Sean Briggs Chief Operating Officer, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Build, retain, and empower your workforce

Support wellbeing with safe and accessible flexible working

Staff want the power to flex their schedule as they need, so we created a system that makes it safe and easy – without the email back-and-forths.  All in one app, clinicians can manage when they are working and share annual leave requests to all approvers in one action, so they can achieve the work-life balance that suits them, whilst maintaining the necessary visibility for managers.

Booking annual leave in the Patchwork Rota app

Give clinicians the headspace they need

We expect great tech in every area of our lives, so why should healthcare be any different? Our user-friendly desktop and mobile apps allow clinicians to view their personal and team rotas on the go, as well as upload and manage their documents – no more grappling with multiple spreadsheets or outdated tech.

Viewing your schedule in Patchwork Rota’s in-app calendar

A solution that actually fits with clinicians’ requirements and the flexible working period that we’re moving into now.

Dr Rupert Bright Chief Medical Information Officer

We migrate your current rostering information and processes over to Patchwork Rota.

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