Total workforce transparency for data-driven decisions

Save time. Reduce costs. Drive improvements.

2 examples of charts you might find on Patchwork Insights. 1 is entitled Trends Over Time, showing bank growth and utlisiation increasing over time. The other is a pie chart

Intuitive, real-time, tailored dashboards – available organisation and ICS-wide

360 data visibility

Patchwork Insights is the best-in-class information management and reporting tool that gives you complete transparency over your staffing metrics and user behaviours.

A line graph in the middle of a circle, with Bank/Collab Bank, Rota and Agency Manager around the outside, showing how Patchwork Insights provides data visibility across all 3

Manage your workforce against budgets and NHSEI targets

Designed to support everyone involved to quickly and easily monitor performance, making it easier to track and meet KPIs and financial targets.

Graphic with example of figures of how much you could save with Patchwork Insights

Make evidenced decisions, not educated guesses

Easily access, analyse and act on your staffing data. Track spending, identify areas for improvement and produce reports on key metrics with ease, so you can make data-driven decisions that save you time and money.

Mock-up of how a user can toggle on/off different user data when making a report

Drive long-term, sustainable workforce improvements with:

I have been hugely impressed with Patchwork Insights. The dashboards that have been created are up-to-date and easy to use, providing me and the workforce teams across North West London with all the key data we need to track and understand our performance and outcomes.

Programme Lead Medical Workforce Deployment Systems, North West London ICS

Elevate your Patchwork solution

Patchwork Insights is the perfect companion to your Patchwork Bank, Collaborative Bank, Rota, or Agency Manager solutions.

Patchwork’s complete workforce solution, illustrated here with 6 iPhone screens in a row showing different functionalities

Access workforce data you can actually action, exactly when you need it

See precisely where your focus is most needed

Our full suite of tailored, up-to-date Analytics Dashboards means you never again have to wonder where to focus your efforts to drive improvements. Understand the data behind higher and lower areas of activity and use that knowledge to boost cost efficiency and increase shift fill rates.

Illustration of a magnifying glass over NHS staffing spend data

Track historical, current and future spending

With a detailed analysis of your financial performance, now you can easily identify areas of high spending, address the causes and reduce costs.

Mock-up graph showing reduced spend on escalated shifts over time with Patchwork

Access data across integrated care systems

Safely track trends across organisational boundaries, so you can provide staffing resource where it’s needed most, at the best price.
Enable visibility of key metrics across multiple organisations, and get precise information on activity and pay rates across the system – right down to department and specialty.
This single source of truth ensures you’re properly informed when harmonising rates and dealing with requests for escalations.

A worker’s paperwork is accepted by the Lead Employer, which then allows them to work at the 3 sites which make up the collaborative bank

The full data picture, at your fingertips

Automatically generate the reports you need in just a few clicks, and see the data that matters most to you with customisable templates. Easily share analysis with central bodies, including NHSEI, and safely view ICS-wide data – so you always have the full picture. Plus, receive ongoing support from our data experts – whatever the data requirements, we’ll help you meet them.

Visualisation of reduced agency spend, reduced total spend, a typical shift card on the Patchwork app, and a bar graph showing shift fill sources

The data coming from Patchwork Insights is set to change how we review our medical locum expenditure. Previously, we processed raw data through spreadsheets. Now, these visually appealing dashboards are the means by which each senior manager discusses their locum expenditure.

Max Eldin-Taylor Head of Business Support, Medicine and Integrated Care, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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