Patchwork and Wagestream partner to give workers access to instant pay

Patchwork and Wagestream partnership.

Patchwork, a workforce pioneer which collaborates with hospitals to solve the NHS staffing crisis, has announced a partnership with the income streaming solution Wagestream. This move will allow clinicians booking shifts through the Patchwork app to track and access their earned wages when they need it – without having to wait for payday.

This partnership will further Patchwork’s mission to bring greater flexibility and empowerment to the NHS workforce. Incorporating Wagestream into the Patchwork platform means clinicians can choose when and how often they get paid, keep track of their earnings in real-time, and access budgeting tools. This collaboration aims to bring greater financial empowerment and wellness to thousands of healthcare workers.

Patchwork’s technologies and services are already used across 30 NHS hospitals by over 10,000 clinicians and the platform has facilitated 1 million shift hours since launch. By integrating Wagesteam’s market-leading solution into their offering, healthcare workers booking shifts through the Patchwork app will now be able to access their wages as soon as they’ve been earned and access financial education in real-time, providing additional support to a vital community of clinicians and staff.

Patchwork also hopes that this added feature encourages more clinicians to book shifts directly through their hospital bank, thereby saving the NHS millions in agency fees.

Patchwork CEO, Dr Anas Nader, comments;

“Adding the power of Wagestream to our platform is another step towards creating a more flexible, streamlined, and dynamic working reality for NHS clinicians. We are seeing increasing numbers of healthcare workers leave the NHS citing a lack of flexibility to accommodate other personal and professional needs. Our technology is trying to redress this trend whilst removing the traditional financial burdens that temporary staffing can place on Trusts.

“Offering temporary health workers financial stability is incredibly important and a crucial move towards parity of experience between contracted and flexible staff. We conducted a thorough review of the market and it was clear that Wagestream not only offered the best product, but that they also shared our values. We are both looking to reduce friction, increase empowerment, and create a progressive working world that works for everyone.”

Wagestream CEO, Peter Briffett, comments:

“The opportunity to partner with Patchwork enables us to continue to deliver our mission of providing financial flexibility and giving clinicians within the NHS greater control: connecting flexible pay as an important pillar in the wider move towards flexible work.

“The financial wellbeing of NHS staff is of paramount importance and through this partnership we see the opportunity to increase financial stability and freedom for healthcare clinicians.”

Wagestream charges users a fixed transaction fee of £1.75 per withdrawal, in exchange for instant access to their cash.

The Wagestream feature is now being rolled out nationally and is available to all Trusts who use the Patchwork app to book shifts.

If you would like to grant your workers instant access to their wages, please contact

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