Patchwork partners with Primary Care Networks to manage staffing needs

South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre

Today we are proud to announce our partnership with two Primary Care Networks and opening of South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre’s “COVID-19 hot clinic” – marking our proudly growing role in supporting clinical staffing needs at the primary care level.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, designated practices within Primary Care Networks (PCNs) have been dividing themselves into “hot clinics” (treating patients with symptoms of COVID-19), and “cold clinics” (treating asymptomatic patients), to ensure the continued provision of care whilst limiting both exposure to and the spread of the virus.

Through its collaboration with Patchwork Health, and with support from Capacity, South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre has recently opened its ‘hot clinic’, staffed by primary care workers across a range of 24 practices within the Speke, Woolton, Allerton, Gateacre, Garston and Aigburth (SWAGGA) and Childwall Wavertree Primary Care Networks.

With shifts and schedules previously managed by the networks using laborious and time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, Patchwork Health has granted the PCNs full access to its digital staffing solution for the duration of the pandemic. With Patchwork Health’s user-friendly technology, GPs are now offered the ability and flexibility to self-book onto vacant shifts, as well as ensure increased fill rates for safe staffing levels, reduced admin burden and greater visibility of workforce data for managers.

“I have been a Clinical Lead for Digital Transformation for more than 10 years – dealing with start-ups and SMEs through to Emis and Apple. I have never experienced such customer-focused efficient service – especially for a product with such fab user experience. This will absolutely support our recruitment of clinicians – now during the pandemic, and in the future.” – Dr Simon Bowers, General Practitioner, Fulwood Green Medical Centre

Watch the short clip from Dr Simon Bowers: HERE

The process was mobilised at significant speed, with initial consultations through to the implementation of the Patchwork software taking a matter of days.

“On Friday, we got in touch with Patchwork Health outlining a proposal to support SWAGGA and CWN with staffing rotas. By Monday, they had developed a bespoke solution just for us. We are very grateful for the time and energy it will save the practices, which they can now dedicate to treating patients and keeping the community as healthy and resilient as possible.” – Emma Lord, Capacity Development Manager who works closely with Network Leads in South Liverpool.

If you are a GP or manager looking to set up a hot clinic or require any other support, Patchwork Health can replicate this implementation and be live within 48 hours.

Please get in touch at and our team will be in touch.