Increasing Staff Bank Fill Rates and Reducing Agency Spend at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


£1.2 million saved annually from reduced agency spend

>80% of all shifts filled through staff bank between April 2020 – December 2021

62% decrease in agency spend in just the first 6 months

85% of shifts booked 4 weeks in advance

380,000+ hours worked by internal bank staff between January 2020 – January 2022

The Challenge

Previously, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s (ChelWest) temporary staffing team relied on outdated methods of communication with locum clinicians to fill vacant shifts, such as cold calling and mass emails. This resulted in shifts being filled at the last minute, at escalated rates or outsourced to more costly agencies. Additionally, paper timesheets, payments and data sourcing were managed manually, creating a huge admin burden for temporary staffing teams.

The Solution

Patchwork first implemented its tech enabled staff bank service at West Middlesex University Hospital’s Emergency Department, one of the hospitals within the Trust, which had an existing bank fill rate of 35%. Within months, it had completely revolutionised the temporary staffing function and due to its success, Patchwork was implemented across the entire Trust.


Staff Bank Growth & Increased Shift Fill Rate

With the Patchwork app, clinicians book shifts on demand:

  • 80% of shifts filled within 7 days of being advertised
  • 85% average bank fill rate between April 2020 – December 2021
  • 60% staff increase within 2 months

Improved Shift Lead Times

  • 85% of ED shifts booked 4 weeks in advance

Reduced Agency Reliance

  • £144,000 saved annually on agency at West Middlesex Hospital
  • £1.2 million saved annually on agency spend Trust-wide
  • 62% decrease in agency spend in just the first 6 months

Reduced Admin Burden & Efficient Communications

Patchwork’s digitised staff bank has enabled ChelWest to instantly broadcast shifts to all clinicians efficiently, filling more shifts, sooner. Numerous tasks such as electronic payments are now automated and digitised, removing headache and the significant admin burden.

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