Encouraging active usage of the internal staff bank and reducing agency reliance at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust


110% growth in staff bank in 6 months

£475,000 savings per annum due to reduced agency usage

20% reduction in agency fill rate and unfilled shifts

Multiple agency locums converted to the internal staff bank

The Challenge

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (NGH) relied heavily on agency locums for medical temporary staffing. Due to archaic methods of communication within the Trust, doctors were often not aware of how to book staff bank shifts, resulting in a high number of shifts being filled by costly agency workers at higher rates, costing on average £243 (54%) more than bank workers per shift.

The Solution

Patchwork Health worked with the Trust to promote a full scale culture change within departments, to prioritise the use of their new digital staff bank rather than sending shifts straight to agency. Through the implementation of Patchwork’s tech-enabled staff bank service, the Trust streamlined its temporary staffing process, enabling departments to advertise shifts instantly across the Trust, and grew the staff bank both via internal and external recruitment.


Staff Bank Growth

  • 110% growth in staff bank in 6 months

Increased Bank Fill Rate & Reduced Agency Usage

  • Multiple agency locums converted to the internal staff bank
  • Agency shift fill and the number of unfilled shifts reduced by 20%

Cost Savings through Agency Avoidance

  • £475,000 saved per annum due to increased bank usage and decreased agency usage – agency shifts were £243 (54%) more expensive than bank shifts per shift

We are delighted to work with Patchwork! The project support provided by the Patchwork implementation team has been first class, as has their engagement with stakeholders throughout the Trust. Their comprehensive software and service has helped to reduce agency and administration costs, whilst at the same time making our systems much easier to use for our staff and doctors.

Adam Cragg, Head of Recruitment & Employment Services Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

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