Partnering with PCNs to establish COVID-19 ‘hot clinics’ in Liverpool


More timely patient transfers helping ensure optimum safety

£30,000 savings per organisation during initial COVID-19 peak

80% of shifts filled within 7 days of being advertised

Access to a wider pool of clinicians, increasing the number of filled shifts

Reduced admin burden – allowing staff to focus on other priorities

60% staff increase within 2 months

The Challenge

South Liverpool Treatment Centre (SLTC) made the early decision to pool their resources and protect patients by establishing a joint ‘hot clinic’ for symptomatic COVID-19 patients at SLTC – keeping infected patients safely separated from COVID-19 negative patients. With hundreds of GPs from the participating 24 partner practices, and no centralised system to acknowledge any differing schedules, the initial method of scheduling via Excel was inefficient. Sudden surges in demand at the clinic would be difficult to manage from a staffing perspective, as was the unpredictability posed by GPs having to self isolate on account of showing symptoms of COVID-19.

The Network leaders understood that the virus, and the unique demands it placed on Primary Care providers, would not be disappearing in a matter of weeks. They needed to establish a workable staffing solution which was not a major administrative burden and which enabled the reactivity and flexibility that the clinic required.

The Solution

With shifts and schedules previously managed by the networks using laborious and time consuming Excel spreadsheets, Patchwork Health has granted the PCNs full access to its digital staffing solution for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Patchwork’s user friendly technology, GPs are now offered the ability and flexibility to self book onto vacant shifts using one system, ensuring increased fill rates for safe staffing levels, reduced admin burden and greater visibility of workforce data for


Patient Care

  • 80% of shifts filled within 7 days of being advertised
  • 85% average bank fill rate since May 2020
  • 60% staff increase within 2 months

Admin Time

  • Greater visibility over shift patterns, enabling managers to anticipate and prepare for alternative staff provision.
  • Greater oversight of shifts available to GPs, with greater visibility over pay rates allowing staff to calculate their earnings with ease.

I have been a Clinical Lead for Digital Transformation for more than 10 years dealing with start-ups and SMEs through to Emis and Apple. I have never experienced such customer focussed efficient service especially for a product with such fab user experience. This will absolutely support our recruitment of clinicians now during the pandemic, and in the future.

Dr Simon Bowers, General Practitioner Fulwood Green Medical Centre

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