Reducing admin burden at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals


100 hours of admin time freed up every month

90% of shifts filled through staff bank between February 2019 – December 2021

£177k saved in the first 9 months from harmonised rates & agency avoidance

Interoperability with all existing payroll systems

Increased visibility, governance & data-driven management decisions

The Challenge

York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s (YTH) temporary staffing team previously managed hours worked by clinicians using paper timesheets, creating an admin burden of 150 hours monthly for the team. In addition, each department managed their own staff bank bookings, which created a lack of centralised control over processes and data. This made it difficult for the Trust to both manage rotas and provide accurate reporting.

The Solution

YTH implemented Patchwork’s tech-enabled staff bank service to create one centralised staff bank function that could be used seamlessly Trust-wide. Together, they streamlined processes and ensured the system was interoperable with the Trust’s payroll systems.


100+ hours freed up every month
Numerous tasks were made digital and automatic, such as digitising timesheets,
payroll processing & pension calculations. This hugely reduced headache for the team and allowed them to spend time on higher value tasks.

Staff Bank Growth, Increased Fill Rates & Cost Savings

  • 90% of shifts filled through staff bank between February 2019 – December 2021
  • £177K saved from harmonising rates and avoiding agency

More effective, data-driven decisions
Using data platform Patchwork Insights, the Trust now has access to a wealth of real-time data and insights including shift fill rates, unfilled shifts, actual and forecasted spend, and can now ensure targets are met. They can easily collate all temporary staffing data and make more effective, data-informed decisions.

The Implementation team couldn’t be more driven, they worked tirelessly to ensure that the project was delivered on time and was a success. Working with Patchwork has brought the Trust significant savings in both costs and time saving through the streamlining of processes. Nothing was too much bother with Patchwork, they listened and implemented changes to the system to fit with our processes.

Amanda Clark, Medical Rostering Manager York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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