Meet your objectives easily with bespoke transformation services from healthcare experts

Solve specific challenges, deliver projects seamlessly and drive continuous improvement.

Let us relieve your teams from the burden of process improvement with:

Transformation services everyone can access

All NHS organisations can take advantage of Patchwork’s transformation services – whether as a standalone project or as part of your Patchwork solution

Specialist support: tailored to you

Unlock a workforce that can thrive in complex, dynamic environments

Achieve your goals more quickly

Comprehensive support from our team of experts means you can tackle your challenges easier, achieve your goals sooner and guarantee long-term impact.

Change management that always keeps efficiency in mind

Whatever your workforce challenge, our experts can help you deliver the results you need. From improving your onboarding and recruitment processes, to converting agency workers into bank workers, and beyond – no challenge is too big or too small.

Configure your systems to your advantage

We’ll always review current system configuration and feature usage to see where improvements could be made. Our expert team checks and validates harmonisation of settings across departments.

I’ve found Patchwork to be very effective, in particular their expertise, knowledge of the market and opportunities for savings and especially,
customer responsiveness.

Andy Small North West London CCG Commissioner (former)

A smooth journey of change towards lasting transformation

Ensure genuine buy-in from all stakeholders, to achieve long-term change

Our team of experts work with you to create action plans that are independently ratified and evidenced, to ensure complete buy-in from everyone, enabling organisation-wide, long-lasting change.

Ongoing guidance to ensure the project is always a success

We’ll never start a project just to leave before seeing it through. We offer ongoing support to ensure the momentum needed to achieve your goals is met, and keep things progressing as they should.

I have never experienced such customer-focussed, efficient service.

Dr Simon Bowers Practice Owner, Fulwood Green Medical Centre

Join the organisations driving long-term, sustainable improvements with bespoke transformation support

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